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KennyWrite is considered to be a contemporary songwriter. A quick look at the list of her recorded songs so far proves a range of musical genres and styles with diversity, Kenny continues to work tirelessly to write inspirational lyrics with interesting rhymes, compose great sounding and catchy sing along melodies. One of the songs written by Kenny- WATCH AND SEE, made it to Semi - finals in the recently concluded UK Song writing competition (2014)

Without any doubt Kenny’s songs has great potential to do well in the music industry.

"Growing up, I had the opportunity to listen to lots of Music, I was very fascinated with the idea of Music production and ‘”where songs emerged from”. During my University days I discovered this talent- The ability to write lyrics, form melodies in my head and remembering the songs I made up!

I find writing songs very therapeutic and up lifting, I enjoy studio sessions where my songs “are born”

I aspire to achieve as much as my Idol - Dianne Warren, A world renowned songwriter who has continually written chart topping songs for various Artists in the Music industry.

My dream is to have my songs being performed by great Artists, hear them on the Radio and mostly being licensed for Movies TV programs and Trailers.

I am open to Lyrics and song collaborations as well as Staff writer opportunities".